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NOTE: To the person who submitted in all caps - you didn't add your name, so I couldn't add you. Sorry. And to the Steph/Kurt 'shipper out there - this is a Stephanie and CHRIS JERICHO fansite.

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22 November 2002

Check it! New layout and everything! And I bet you guys all thought we'd forgotten all about this place, huh? Anyway, no actual update-updates yet, but hopefully soon. Actually, there are new link us images once again, just to keep with the current theme/layout/design/colour scheme (I was bored!).

Major change: Links, Link To Us, and Awards/Webrings are now collectively under Extra. Everything else is pretty much the same, just with other minor changes here and there.

Oh, and if there are any broken links please, please let us know.

One last thing - if anyone has sent us any email at the address within the past couple of, we've lost it, sorry! Hotmail renewed our account, erasing everything that had been in our inbox. If it's not too much trouble, please send again. TY!


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