dreamers 61 - 70

Name Jennifer
When did you become a Dreamer? I guess I would have been at SummerSlam 2001. It was my VERY first time ever watching the WWF (well other than walking into the living room when my fam was watching the program) and to make it better, I was there LIVE! My dad and sister dragged me along to see it, and I am soo glad they did. Also, reading all the "Dreamer" fics out there, how could you not fall in love w/ the characters?
Why did you become a Dreamer? From the very first time I ever saw Chris and Steph together, I knew that there was something there. I didn't know of the whole history between them, but I knew that there was MAJOR sexual tension. In fact, I told my dad (after watching a few minutes of Raw or SmackDown! w/ him, even though I didn't want to) that I though those two (which I later found out was Chris and Steph) were really cute together, and should be put together. He, of course, knowing all that had happened between the two, looked at me like I was crazy. Oh well!
Favourite Dreams moment I guess it would have to be The Kiss pt 2 at SummerSlam 2001, but there are too many to count. I could also say that the "awkward" hug between Steph and Chris, sometime after they had become "business partners" (uh huh, we all believe them that they were just "business partners").

Name Angelina
When did you become a Dreamer? The first time I read a Smoochy Dreamer ficcy.
Why did you become a Dreamer? Because it's just so great to imagine. Isn't it?
Favourite Dreams moment Summerslam 2001 Chris kissing Stephanie McMahon. And when Chris helped her not get pedigreed by Hunter during their 'partnership'

Name Crysta Parks
When did you become a Dreamer? When a friend told me about this site some where in mid-April.
Why did you become a Dreamer? Well because it is obvious that Stephanie and Chris are in love, but they are like little kids and refuse to admit it. Plus i am one of their biggest fans!!!
Favourite Dreams moment The Kiss of course!!!! Loved it!!!

Name Debs
When did you become a Dreamer? Hmm, sometime during the whole Alliance thing, a bit late, I know
Why did you become a Dreamer? Because of the chemistry.
Favourite Dreams moment The SummerSlam 'Kiss' or at Unforgiven when he called her Sweetcheeks. That was so cool

Name Clo
When did you become a Dreamer? When I first went to fanfiction.net and stumbled across a few Jericho/Steph fics. Then, intrigued, I looked for more and found Bitter Wine by Mercury32. After reading the whole thing through I was hooked. I can't remember the exact date, but it must have been last May or June sometime.
Why did you become a Dreamer? It all made sense. Bitter Wine connected in so many ways. Plus I loved the idea of Chris and Stephanie together - the insults just looked like such cover-ups for how they really felt.
Favourite Dreams moment Oh definitely THE KISS, and the 'make you scream louder than your husband' comment, and pretty much every other time when Chris and Steph are onscreen together. I mean the way they look at each other........ everyone has to see the attraction there!

Name Marissa Lane
When did you become a Dreamer? For like ages! I always thought about it when they would be trading insults to each other, like a sort of school crush thing. When the boy teases the girl to hide his true feelings for her. But it really clicked when they kissed at King Of The Ring!
Why did you become a Dreamer? After King Of The Ring, you could really see the sexual tension and passion between them. And then with the whole alliance thing, and he kissed her again! I mean, why would he kiss her? Wouldn't it be better hurting her in a physical way if he really hated her?
Favourite Dreams moment I don't know if I can pick! Probably the first time they kissed at KOR.

Name Carly
When did you become a Dreamer? When y2j + Steph joined forces, when y2j was the champ.
Why did you become a Dreamer? bcoz in my eyes that would be the perfect couple.
Favourite Dreams moment When Jericho saved Steph from the shame (HHH)

Name sweet_pea60618@yahoo.com
When did you become a Dreamer? I became one July 11, 2002. But I was always a Smoocher at heart!
Why did you become a Dreamer? I believe in THE CULT! haha no but I love the Chris and Steph thing, they SO rule together.
Favourite Dreams moment I liked when he asked her out to hooters! (soo cute)

Name Katie
When did you become a Dreamer? A long while ago... when Jericho first started picking on Steph :)
Why did you become a Dreamer? I just love the chemistry between Jericho and Steph.. they're like two grade school kids picking on each other because they really do like each other but don't or can't express it any other way
Favourite Dreams moment Wayyy too many to mention *G* I love 'em all LOL

Name linzi
When did you become a Dreamer? hmmmm not long after the whole Mahon-Helmslely regime crap I got to thinkin' that maybe Jericho would be funnier and of course the way she looks at him......
Why did you become a Dreamer? why not? they're both cute plus ppl have always said i resemble Stephanie McMahon <which got me to start watching her a little closer on tv> and I've always liked Jericho plus they're funny
Favourite Dreams moment Definitely recently when Chris "welcomed" Steph back and she was like Jericho! so good to see you