Destiny's Child


I know you see me watching you
and I see you watching me
but boy your body's callin
the temptation is killin me

I'm chillin at the spot
and my posse's four deep
had my man on my mind
turn my head what did I see?
The fellas lookin fly,
there was one that caught my eye
so I bit my lip
switched my hips
as I walked by
Sayin, sexy boy, you so fly
I just might give you a try
I'm write your number in the palm of my hand
Oops I forgot I got a man

I'm thinkin myself
should I even take a chance
should I do what's on my mind
or should I should stay down wit my man

This boy he got me feigning
I'm wantin him so bad
Should I chill one night wit you
and risk everything I have
Sayin, sexy boy you so fly
I wish I could give you a try
but my man's at home
waitin for me by the phone
Sorry can't get my groove on!

Temptations is callin
I be wantin you so bad
I could cry
Relationships callin me
to do whats wrong
but I gotta do right